Be Very Cautious About Summertime

Be Very Cautious About Summertime

I know Summer time is mostly everyone’s favorite time of the year. I get it. Please be cautious though. Here’s what I wanted to share with you. With the heat index being as high as it is. Let me share some tips for Adults, Children and Pets.

For Seniors, Adults, Children & Pets:

1) Always have a fan handy. The battery operated ones. The one you wear around your neck is very helpful. Even the spray bottle fan. That cool mist coming from the fan. Really cools you down. (Have extra batteries)

2) Always carry water with you. Cool water. Maybe have a cooler handy with your hydrating drinks. Like Coconut Water, Alkaline Water, Watermelon Water etc.

3) Wear cool colors. That can easily keep you cool and doesn’t attract any heat. Stay away from Black, Brown and Dark Grey colors. Please. It will dehydrate you so quickly. You wouldn’t know what hit you.

4) Please no heavy clothing. Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, Rompers etc will keep you cool.

5) Always pack a lite snack. Nothing heavy that would give you the itis. Then put you to sleep. No we don’t want that.

For Pets Only:

6) For your Pets. If you have to walk your pets. Make sure to have there paws covered with comfy padded shoes, mittens, socks etc. Everything above still applies..

These are the tips I have to share with you. Please keep them handy. Apply it! I would really hate for anyone to get a heat stroke from wearing heavy clothing, not staying hydrated etc.

Please love yourself enough to protect yourself from this heat.

Moms Have You Heard Of These….

Moms Have You Heard Of These….

Listen I’m new to the Mom Gang. Ok! I’m a first time Mom. Figuring everything out on my own. It’s fun but worrisome as well.

I recently took my child to see the pediatrician. Had a constant runny nose. I’ve wiped my baby nose with about 7 different tissues. I started noticing my baby nose getting red.

I switched up and started using a warm wash rag to wipe the nose. Then use Vaseline after each wipe to moisturize the nose.

It was not working. I would spray the nose with the little nose saline spray. Wipe the nose with the warm wash rag. Then use Vaseline on and around the nose.

I said forget this. My baby still got a runny nose plus it’s red (irritated) under the nose. Let me take my baby to the pediatrician.

My baby has Seasonal Allergies. Ok Great! Have you heard of the Boogie Wipes with Natural Saline? No. What are those?

It’s better to use these because of the Natural Saline. It will relieve the redness under the nose and wipe away the boogies. It’s really good. Try them.

Ok Doc!

I go to my local Walmart and there they are in the Baby Section where you’ll find diaper cream and baby liquid vitamins.

Boom! There’s the Boogie Wipes for $8.98. For a pack of 2. I thought to myself dang these almost $10. Ok. Ok.. it’s for my baby. Get them.

I couldn’t wait to get in the car and try them. I was in line and my baby nose was runny. Guess what I did?

You guessed it. Opened the pack and wiped my baby nose. No squirm, crying or yelling. My baby even blew the nose while I wiped it. I was shocked.

After 1 full day of using it. The redness is completely gone. No soreness or chapped skin. GONE!

I’m sold on These Boogie Wipe with Natural Saline.

Have you beards of these??