Let Me TELL You About The Milk I Made!

Let Me TELL You About The Milk I Made!

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of making and recording. Of course I had to record it for my YouTube family so they could see how I did it.

Now, Back to the point of it all, how to make flaxseed milk and also almond milk. I have to admit. Homemade is thee best way to go. Do you know? It tasted way better. The only down part about it. It only last in the refrigerator for 4 days. That’s it!

To be quite honest with you. It did not last 4 days at all. That milk was so delicious it only last about 4 hours. I couldn’t resist.

Let me tell you about my experience making the flaxseed milk. I did not do how most people would do. I grind my flaxseeds up before (by itself) I add the water. This is everything I used to make it.


1 cup of flaxseeds



2 or 3 cups of water

Measuring Cup

Honey or Agave as sweetener (whatever your preference)

It was the same process as the almond milk. 1 part seeds and 2 or 3 part water. However you make it. Make sure you double the water.

This experience really broaden my arisen of the homemade realm of things. It was fun but I really saved money doing this. The only down side of it. Since there is no preservatives in it. It only last for 4 days in the refrigerator, if that.

The Process:

I took one (1) cup of flaxseeds in the little measuring cup. Put it in my grinder and completely grounded the seeds until it was like dust. Poured it in my magic bullet. Came out to about half of cup of grounded flaxseeds. Added 2 cups of water. Blended very well. About 1 1/2 minutes. Added honey. Then blended again to mix it well.

I used a mesh cloth or stocking cap (un-used of course). Placed it around my measuring cup. Completely poured my mixture in the stocking cap. At last, I began to strain the milk from the grounded seeds.

Of course, I saved my grounded seeds to make homemade flaxseed muffins. I’m telling you it was so good. I was pleased to have made it myself. The satisfaction of it. Topped the magnitude…

Benefits of The Powerful Avocado Seed Itself!

Benefits of The Powerful Avocado Seed Itself!

Have you ever cut up your avocado and seen that huge, hard seed in the middle? Well that seed is actually beneficial to your body. Just think of every time you made your guacamole and didn’t think twice about the seed. You and just about everyone discarded it. Like it wasn’t useful.

Well I’m here to tell you of the huge benefits of this Powerful Seed. Have you ever went to the doctor office and had testing done. Then your doctor informs you, Hey! You have high Cholesterol. Watch what you eat! Just like the Avocado Seed Extracts, they can help lower the LDL Cholesterol (BAD). When taken daily.

Listen, we are living in a time where Diabetes is on the rise. It is affecting adolescences, adults and seniors. It doesn’t discriminate by no means. When taken daily and properly. It helps lower blood sugar levels. Can I get a AMEN!

Just about every family whether immediate or extended has someone with High Blood Pressure. Yes! You guess it right. That very same seed that you would normally discard in the trash. Can actually Lower your Blood Pressure.

The Avocado Seed and Extract is packed with Antioxidants.

Oh, Oh, Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. It is also an Antibacterial and Antifungal.

If you would like to see a video of how you break it down. We also have a YouTube Channel: Hannah’s Mother. Make sure you like, share and subscribe to our channel. To keep up with us. We love to have you follow our journey.

Watch our video how we break it down https://youtu.be/7K7Q2zpwjK8