Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands

Just recently we were traveling and had to make a bathroom stop. As we were in the bathroom, we notice every woman coming in and out. Did not wash there hands. Shocked to say the least. Just think about it, every hand shake, every phone you touch, computer you use, child you hold, nose you wipe, food you cook, every door you open and so on and so fourth. The germs you spread is countless.

Have you ever wondered why you are sick? Why your sniffling? Why your coughing?

The slightest germ can break your immune system down. An you wouldn’t believe it. We work in some environments where Building Service may wipe down your computers, desk, walls, doors and bathroom maybe once a day or every other day or twice a week. Who knows! Can you imagine what’s living on the surfaces? Living, Breathing and Co-Habituating just like we are. Let me introduce you to some of the germs that can live on your hands and surfaces.

1. Salmonella and E. coli 0157 (from feces from humans or animals)

2.Norovirus (from stool or vomit of infected people)

3. Adenovirus (by coughing, close personal contact, sneezing, touching objects or surfaces with adenoviruses on it then touching your mouth or nose)

4. Hand Foot Mouth Disease (by skin to skin contact, by sneezing or coughing, kissing or shared drinks)

Now back to the story, there was a little girl about 8 or 9 years old who used the bathroom and was beginning to leave without washing here hands. I politely stopped her. Informed her she should wash her hands before leaving. She immediately said “Oh! I forgot, Thank You!! Made me think of the women that left out before her who did not washing there hands. They must have been in a rush or something to forget the very important thing we all should be doing. That’s washing OUR HANDS. I know we are constantly busy with our everyday lives. Dealing with children, work, community activities and forget the small stuff.

I’m telling you the simple things we should be doing every chance we get prevents illnesses and diseases. Like honestly, who like feeling yucky or sick. I know I don’t. So please! PLEASE! WASH YOUR HANDS!! When you wash your hands sing a song like ” Happy Birthday or Everybody Wash Your Hands” about 2 or 3 times. Make sure to get in between your fingers and wash both sides of your hands. IT’S IMPORTANT!!

Thiokol Memorial Project

Thiokol Memorial Project

TMP mission is to remember and honor the Thiokol Workers and all those involved in the rescue efforts. Towards that end, we shall raise funds to manage the planning, construction and endowment of a memorial, education center and museum to honor the workers and all those that risked their lives to save others.

Join your fellow citizens and communities in supporting legislation that would create the Thiokol Memorial National Park. This new national memorial would preserve in perpetuity the artifacts and stories associated with Thiokol Chemical Plant Disaster.

Please contact your U. S. Representative and urge them to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill to establish a Thiokol Memorial National Park. The event in Woodbine on February 3, 1971, as well as the long road to justice for the plant workers, are a critical chapter in American history and must not fade from public memory.

The establishment of Thiokol Memorial National Park in Camden County, Georgia would pay tribute to those that have all to fulfill a Patriotic duty to the nation, as well as preserve their stories along with the stories of a legion of Good Samaritans that saved many lives on that fateful day and days thereafter.

If you have further questions about TMP. I have listed the contact information below. Feel free to reach out to them.

Contact Information:

Thiokol Memorial Project Inc.

P. O. Box 24

Woodbine, GA 31569

Phone: 912-576-1760


email: thiokolmemorial020371@gmail.com


Motherhood takes a Village

Motherhood takes a Village

You know growing up I never thought for a second how Mother Hood would be. I was so busy enjoying both my parents. Never had a care in the world. I had EVERYTHING! I’ve had the pleasure of riding in the Senator’s car. Riding in the Police Car with the Police Hat. Going to the Capital and Monument when I wanted to. Going to the Zoo. Going to my sister games. Now that was exciting. I enjoyed my time with both my parents. I never thought the dedication, energy, sacrifices, sleepness nights, time and most of all, LOVE that goes into mothering your child or children. It takes A WHOLE LOT. I truly feel that Mother’s do not get the recognition they are properly deserving of.

Now let me get to the point of this. I lost my father at a young age. With the lost of him. Came great sacrifices my mother had to face. Still I didn’t have a care in the world. We always had a house full of food. Clothes on our back. I mean I didn’t have a need in this world that wasn’t met. My Mother sacrificed her time. The many hours she had to work. To maintain the lifestyle me and my sister was accustomed to. Not only that she continued to speak life into us. Making time for our activities after working 10-12 hours sometimes working a full 72 hour shift to get things done. I know she did everything within her power to provide for us. At that point, I learned it takes a village to raise children. It’s not easy by no means but with dedication, motivation and faith. You got this thing called “Motherhood”. I truly LOVE my Mom.

Oh but now I know why she did what she did. I appreciate my mom for everything even the things unknown. The many days and nights she cried. The sleepness nights. The endless efforts contributed to the community, friend, family and work. My Mother showed me that anything you want in this lifetime. You have to get up and do it on your own. Your possibilities are endless.

At this time in my life now that I’m a Mother myself. I embrace my mother for everything she has done and still do for us. She absolutely gave us her ALL. I can relate to my mother as a single parent. The passion she has in everything she do. I admire so much. I can only hope and pray to be that and more to my child. Everything she encounter, teach and touch. She has a huge impact on it. If you do not believe me visit: www.thiokolmemorial.org or Facebook: Thiokol Memorial Project.

I hope that Mothers all across the world can come together and embrace each other. Support one another and lift each other up. My Mother couldn’t do what she able to do without her VILLAGE.

Make sure you check out the link below to view the tour of THIOKOL Memorial Museum! Tell us what you think!


Breast Feeding Moms This Is For You 🤗

Breast Feeding Moms This Is For You 🤗

I have to be the first to say. I made up my mind when I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. I knew then what I was going to do. Why? Well weighing the pros against the cons. The pros definitely out numbered the cons. I was thinking about how I would save and/or have money to buy other things rather than formula. Cause Boy, Oh Boy! Formula is pretty pricey. Plus with all the craziness in the world, the cost of formula and the ingredients in the formula that I didn’t agree with. I wanted my baby to have the best milk supply possible. That would not only boost her immune system also create a greater bond between us. 🥰

The best decision I made for my baby! Hands down is breastfeeding! Period!

Have you ever just sat down and thought to yourself. How do they make the formula? What’s the process that it goes through? Well, I definitely did. I asked my potential pediatrician at the time. She told me straight up. Formula ain’t for everybody. Formula goes through a “chemical process” with added ingredients and preservatives. Just like your can goods that you think is healthy or good for you. Just because you read the label. She said anything that’s on the shelves especially formula and bottle water has been sitting for months before you finally bought it. You as a parent have to make the best decision possible for your child. 😢

It was a lot of information to process but I asked for it. I thank God she told me. Without any hesitations either. From that point I started eating carrots, steel cut oatmeal, spinach, broccoli, salmon, taking prenatal vitamins every day with a scoop of yogurt (first off that pill is not your average pill, second I didn’t want to feel nauseous after taking it, third foods like yogurt or oatmeal I would put a huge scoop of yogurt in my mouth then put the pill on top of that and swallow) . I’m telling you I was getting my body ready for that good ole breast milk. Yes I was child!

Fast forward delivery day came. I had my hospital bags at the door. Guess what! No sign of labor but still on bed rest for my heart. 7 days passed by so fast an guess what! Yep you guessed it NO sign of labor. Another 7 days passed still NO sign of labor. I kept telling my doctor I want my baby to come when they’re ready. As long as my baby healthy no issues or complications. I’ll wait it. So 3 days later I’m playing with my dogs and a trail of liquid comes streaming down my leg. I said to myself I know dang on well I didn’t just pee on myself. So called my doctor she come in your water might have broke. Guess What! It didn’t, everything still intact, baby healthy, haven’t dilated yet. So, schedule my induction date. Went in baby stubborn, taking sweet little time. Got induced and Bam 💥! My baby made such a grand appearance. I couldn’t wait to get my baby on the tittie.

Delivery Doctor placed my baby on me. I whipped out my boob like yeah this going to be a piece of cake. Lord it definitely wasn’t a piece of cake. Hurt like crazy. Not enough milk. Baby sucking me dry. I cried and cried. The Lactation Nurse came in and said Oh you’re doing “Awesome”! Your baby just requires more milk and it will come. The Nurse was teaching me all types of techniques to “Let Down My Milk” as she called it. I was trying it faithfully. Still my baby required more milk. So, I remembered what I had learned some months ago. I had to stay on top of my diet eating carrots, oatmeal, spinach, broccoli and salmon to get the most milk supply.

I got home from the hospital started drinking Mother’s Milk Tea with fenugreek seeds. Eating the foods above on a consistent basis rather constant around the clock. I couldn’t slack off and eat whatever I wanted because it would most definitely without a doubt. Decrease my milk supply. I stay faithful and true to this diet. Still now that my baby 20 months old. I’m able to breastfeed. Oh I forgot to mention, I have to still drink Gallons of Water still to this day. Water plays a huge part in this as well.

Products I have tried but didn’t work for me • Brewers Yeast and Instant Oatmeal • My Oatmeal has to be Steel Cut. No cut corners with that. Brewers Yeast made me gassy, broke my skin out and still didn’t help increase milk supply.

Different strokes for different folks. I have read the reviews on Brewers Yeast some people raved that Brewers Yeast worked wonders. It didn’t for me.

Benefits of The Powerful Avocado Seed Itself!

Benefits of The Powerful Avocado Seed Itself!

Have you ever cut up your avocado and seen that huge, hard seed in the middle? Well that seed is actually beneficial to your body. Just think of every time you made your guacamole and didn’t think twice about the seed. You and just about everyone discarded it. Like it wasn’t useful.

Well I’m here to tell you of the huge benefits of this Powerful Seed. Have you ever went to the doctor office and had testing done. Then your doctor informs you, Hey! You have high Cholesterol. Watch what you eat! Just like the Avocado Seed Extracts, they can help lower the LDL Cholesterol (BAD). When taken daily.

Listen, we are living in a time where Diabetes is on the rise. It is affecting adolescences, adults and seniors. It doesn’t discriminate by no means. When taken daily and properly. It helps lower blood sugar levels. Can I get a AMEN!

Just about every family whether immediate or extended has someone with High Blood Pressure. Yes! You guess it right. That very same seed that you would normally discard in the trash. Can actually Lower your Blood Pressure.

The Avocado Seed and Extract is packed with Antioxidants.

Oh, Oh, Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. It is also an Antibacterial and Antifungal.

If you would like to see a video of how you break it down. We also have a YouTube Channel: Hannah’s Mother. Make sure you like, share and subscribe to our channel. To keep up with us. We love to have you follow our journey.

Watch our video how we break it down https://youtu.be/7K7Q2zpwjK8

In the making: Aloe Leaf Hair Treatment

In the making: Aloe Leaf Hair Treatment

Greetings Again Community!

Hannah’s Mother here again with another DIY tip to share with you. The Great Aloe Leaf! Yes, Aloe Leaf is used for more than soothing burn and aid in digestive problems. Did you know you can use it in your hair.

The Aloe Leaf is packed with Vitamins and amino acids. It also has proteolytic enzymes which if you don’t know repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. This amazing leaf rejuvenates your hair. Giving your hair the elasticity to prevent breakage. Now who can’t scream for that. My natural hair was so brittle and dry to the touch. I could hear the strands of my hair pop.

I would take the Aloe Leaf and cut the outer leaf off and carve the gel out. Take the aloe gel and blend it very good in the blender. Then Strain the liquid portion from the pulp. Put it in a spray bottle. Let it settle in the bottle for about 30 minutes. Wash and Condition my hair thoroughly. Rinse that out. Then apply my Aloe Leaf Gel (in the spray bottle) to my hair. Massage it in. From the root to the tip of my ends. Put a clear plastic shower cap on my hair. Then put my bonnet on. Let it sit in your hair overnight. When you wake up the next day. Wash it Out. You will immediately feel how soft your hair is. You can just feel the nourishment regained in the strands of your hair.

Please don’t take my word for it. Research Aloe Vera Leaf benefits. Don’t just click on the first 2 or 3 links in google. Clicks all of them. Go to your local library. Go to your local natural herbal store “Brown’s Market”. You will see the exact Vitamins it has (A, B,C & E). You will also find all of the amino acids it is packed with. I’m telling you knowledge is Powerful! Self Educate Yourself. Some of this stuff you will not necessarily be taught in school or college. It takes research to prove theses facts.

Blessing Upon Blessings Tribe! Much Love

#DIY-Rice Water Rinse

#DIY-Rice Water Rinse

Greetings To Our Community!

Hannah’s Mother here wanted to share with everyone the tried and true hair growth remedy. I’m quite sure everyone has heard of this rinse. Simply because I have. I have heard about this rinse for years and never thought twice about it.

Well until recently I gave it a try. I tried it on my hair and child hair. First, for myself I recently had a baby and was experiencing some bald spots. Some Mom’s may have experienced this. I was totally shocked that having a baby could cause so much strain on a woman’s body. Trust you me, now I know.

I tried almost every oil, hair grease, drops etc. that had high rating. Nothing was working for me. I went to the doctor and got a referral to a dermatologist. To only recommend “Corticosteriods Injections”. By the way I am still totally against it.

I started doing my research on natural remedies for promoting hair growth. I went to my local Herbal Store “Brown’s Market” and also to my local library. I gathered all the information and studied each ingredient. Learned some very powerful benefits of essential oils and purity of rice.

Knowledge is Powerful! Very true statement. You can pay millions of dollars for a college degree but did you retain the knowledge.

Now before you take my word for it. Please! Do your research! From experience with it. I used it and in two (2) days my hair was stronger and growing back. Yes TWO (2) DAYS! Now remember I also said, I use it in my child hair as well. It did the very same thing. Seriously!

I used Rice, Water, Rosemary Oil, Geranium Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Peppermint and/or Lavender Oil. That is it.

First, I washed my hair thoroughly, put Conditioner in it and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash it out. Then I spray my Rice Water Rinse in my hair, massage my scalp. Let it sit in my hair for 30 minutes under a plastic shower cap. Then Rinse.

This particular rinse has truly changed our life. Try it and see.