Straight to the point!

Follow these steps below on how to create an animated subscribe button using Keynote.

Step 1: Step 1: Open Keynote on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook

Step 2: Press Create Presentation

Step 3: Make sure your theme is in Standard Mode

Step 4: Select the White Background (to the right)

Step 5: Select each box one by one and delete it

Step 6: Press the (+) at the top of the screen

Step 7: Once you press the (+) select the photos you saved – side note you would need to download a YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON PNG TRANSPARENT, and a MOUSE BUTTON PNG TRANSPARENT first before doing this-

Step 8: This is where the animation come in. Watch my youtube video below and follow step by step. To Excute this!

How did you do? Leave me a comment below and share how it worked out for you.

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