The Best Way To Get Rid Of Spiders

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If you are anything like me. Then Spiders are not your best friend. We do not get along. They creep me out! Listen, I’ve tried the famous strategy leave it alone. Pay it no mind, they have a purpose to eat mosquitos and different flies in your home. I’m not denying that they do but they definitely bite humans too.

One morning, I woke up with this soreness on my thigh. I figured maybe I slept wrong or maybe the fan got my bones stiff. I went to massage my thigh and I had a quarter size bump. It hurt just to brush pass it when I was getting dress. I look with the surprise on my face. How did a spider get in my bed?

I thought to myself, enough is enough! I have to try this natural remedy. For the simple fact that Raid. Specifically, for Spiders and Ants did not work. Not even for a day.

When doing my research, I found that spiders did not like peppermint oil nor vinegar. I did a small test with 1(one) drop of water, 1(one) drop of white distilled vinegar, 1(one) drop of tea tree essential oil and 1(one) drop of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball. I took that cotton ball and rubbed it in the corners of my bedroom.

Guess what I found, a spider bunched up DEAD in the corner. I was shocked! Then I got extremely excited. I found the perfect concoction to use.

Did you know that Peppermint Oil is a great insect repellent? So great! You may not believe it. Just consider the fact that essential oils have thee most Awesome beneficial factors. Essential Oil can also boost your immune system. Consider it.

Did you know that White Distilled Vinegar is an insect repellent? Yes! It’s a great cleaning agent. Also, helps deter ants and spiders from your home, shed, closets and any other place they may nest. This can also trap gnats and kill them.

You see these are the very products we hold in our home. Yet we fail to realize that they have powerful properties that can get rid of some big issues we may have in our home or bodies.

Check Out How to Make your own concoction below:

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