Budgeting can be so frustrating. Especially when your not discipline with your money. I look at my account about 6 to 20 times a day. Thinking to myself, where did my money go. Some times it bring tears to my eyes like gosh, I only have $25 to spend until my next payday. Father God!

I can honestly say that being a mother has changed my mindset. Change how I spend and what I spend it on. The discipline for my money was not easy but definitely worth it.

First, when starting your budget you need to have a WHY & WHO? Why am I doing this? WHO am I doing this for? Finding this out will give you the motivation you need to do it and carry it through.

Second, you need to have a plan for your money. Set your GOALS! Follow it. Stick to it.

Third, change your circle. Who are you around mostly? Are they discipline with there money? Can they help motivate you to stick with your goals?

These basic steps change a lot for beginners. It changed me and my money mindset. I’m sharing this information with you because it was not easy for me. It’s been tough as nails for me. My motivation has been my little one. Keeping me focus on every goal I have created for myself.

Another thing that has helped me was creating a vision board. I’ll have to share my vision board with you on another day.

One of the things I also started doing was Daily Savings. It could be $1 a day to however much you can save daily.

Whatever it is you have to stick to it. NO QUITTING!!

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