TMP mission is to remember and honor the Thiokol Workers and all those involved in the rescue efforts. Towards that end, we shall raise funds to manage the planning, construction and endowment of a memorial, education center and museum to honor the workers and all those that risked their lives to save others.

Join your fellow citizens and communities in supporting legislation that would create the Thiokol Memorial National Park. This new national memorial would preserve in perpetuity the artifacts and stories associated with Thiokol Chemical Plant Disaster.

Please contact your U. S. Representative and urge them to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill to establish a Thiokol Memorial National Park. The event in Woodbine on February 3, 1971, as well as the long road to justice for the plant workers, are a critical chapter in American history and must not fade from public memory.

The establishment of Thiokol Memorial National Park in Camden County, Georgia would pay tribute to those that have all to fulfill a Patriotic duty to the nation, as well as preserve their stories along with the stories of a legion of Good Samaritans that saved many lives on that fateful day and days thereafter.

If you have further questions about TMP. I have listed the contact information below. Feel free to reach out to them.

Contact Information:

Thiokol Memorial Project Inc.

P. O. Box 24

Woodbine, GA 31569

Phone: 912-576-1760


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