You know growing up I never thought for a second how Mother Hood would be. I was so busy enjoying both my parents. Never had a care in the world. I had EVERYTHING! I’ve had the pleasure of riding in the Senator’s car. Riding in the Police Car with the Police Hat. Going to the Capital and Monument when I wanted to. Going to the Zoo. Going to my sister games. Now that was exciting. I enjoyed my time with both my parents. I never thought the dedication, energy, sacrifices, sleepness nights, time and most of all, LOVE that goes into mothering your child or children. It takes A WHOLE LOT. I truly feel that Mother’s do not get the recognition they are properly deserving of.

Now let me get to the point of this. I lost my father at a young age. With the lost of him. Came great sacrifices my mother had to face. Still I didn’t have a care in the world. We always had a house full of food. Clothes on our back. I mean I didn’t have a need in this world that wasn’t met. My Mother sacrificed her time. The many hours she had to work. To maintain the lifestyle me and my sister was accustomed to. Not only that she continued to speak life into us. Making time for our activities after working 10-12 hours sometimes working a full 72 hour shift to get things done. I know she did everything within her power to provide for us. At that point, I learned it takes a village to raise children. It’s not easy by no means but with dedication, motivation and faith. You got this thing called “Motherhood”. I truly LOVE my Mom.

Oh but now I know why she did what she did. I appreciate my mom for everything even the things unknown. The many days and nights she cried. The sleepness nights. The endless efforts contributed to the community, friend, family and work. My Mother showed me that anything you want in this lifetime. You have to get up and do it on your own. Your possibilities are endless.

At this time in my life now that I’m a Mother myself. I embrace my mother for everything she has done and still do for us. She absolutely gave us her ALL. I can relate to my mother as a single parent. The passion she has in everything she do. I admire so much. I can only hope and pray to be that and more to my child. Everything she encounter, teach and touch. She has a huge impact on it. If you do not believe me visit: or Facebook: Thiokol Memorial Project.

I hope that Mothers all across the world can come together and embrace each other. Support one another and lift each other up. My Mother couldn’t do what she able to do without her VILLAGE.

Make sure you check out the link below to view the tour of THIOKOL Memorial Museum! Tell us what you think!

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