In the making: Aloe Leaf Hair Treatment

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Greetings Again Community!

Hannah’s Mother here again with another DIY tip to share with you. The Great Aloe Leaf! Yes, Aloe Leaf is used for more than soothing burn and aid in digestive problems. Did you know you can use it in your hair.

The Aloe Leaf is packed with Vitamins and amino acids. It also has proteolytic enzymes which if you don’t know repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. This amazing leaf rejuvenates your hair. Giving your hair the elasticity to prevent breakage. Now who can’t scream for that. My natural hair was so brittle and dry to the touch. I could hear the strands of my hair pop.

I would take the Aloe Leaf and cut the outer leaf off and carve the gel out. Take the aloe gel and blend it very good in the blender. Then Strain the liquid portion from the pulp. Put it in a spray bottle. Let it settle in the bottle for about 30 minutes. Wash and Condition my hair thoroughly. Rinse that out. Then apply my Aloe Leaf Gel (in the spray bottle) to my hair. Massage it in. From the root to the tip of my ends. Put a clear plastic shower cap on my hair. Then put my bonnet on. Let it sit in your hair overnight. When you wake up the next day. Wash it Out. You will immediately feel how soft your hair is. You can just feel the nourishment regained in the strands of your hair.

Please don’t take my word for it. Research Aloe Vera Leaf benefits. Don’t just click on the first 2 or 3 links in google. Clicks all of them. Go to your local library. Go to your local natural herbal store “Brown’s Market”. You will see the exact Vitamins it has (A, B,C & E). You will also find all of the amino acids it is packed with. I’m telling you knowledge is Powerful! Self Educate Yourself. Some of this stuff you will not necessarily be taught in school or college. It takes research to prove theses facts.

Blessing Upon Blessings Tribe! Much Love

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